We love telling important true stories. There are countless great stories ready to be told in either a short form or feature-length documentary. We have had the opportunity to tell many different kinds of stories. Some of them very difficult, like how a father deals with the loss of a child to entertaining ones about Bigfoot sightings.

In the summer of 2017, we had the amazing opportunity to work on a feature-length documentary with another production company. We followed a family as they biked from Bend, Oregon to Los Angeles, California in an effort to raise money for wheelchairs for impoverished nations.

We have the desire, experience, and skills to tell your story!

How do we start?

  • Documentaries often take months or even years to produce, depending on the length and complexity of the subject matter.
  • We will meet with you often to discuss the direction of the documentary and how to best tell your story.
  • We create an outline of how the documentary will flow.
  • We interview important persons pertaining to the story
  • We infuse the documentary with photos, video footage, sound bites, and even acted reenactments if necessary.
  • Post-production includes editing hours of footage down to an engaging and entertaining film.
  • There a many very talented composers local to Utah that we choose from to score the documentary.
  • After important sound mixing, color correction and color grading your film is complete and ready to be seen.
  • We will help you find the right film festivals to enter your documentary into if you want to take that route.


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