We are a video production and photography company located in Ogden, Utah. We are proud to service clients all over the world. Our team in Ogden has over 23 years of combined experience and loves to tell exciting and engaging stories that will help sell your brand to the right clients or customers. Over the past 9 years we have produced thousands of videos that have generated over 28 million views on YouTube alone and over 250 million views across all social media platforms.


Elevate your business with high-quality video production in Ogden. We will create a video marketing plan to help drive traffic and get the phone ringing. We do this through video production and photography in Ogden, using business highlights, product highlights, testimonials, commercials, and viral videos. Let us help you leverage social media and your website with the power of video, using the latest in video capturing technology. Call today for corporate video production services in Ogden and Northern Utah!

3D Virtual Tours

Let us help you show off your amazing office, retail location, or rental property with amazing fully interactive 3D Virtual Tours in Ogden and Northern Utah! Using the latest in image capturing technology we are able to create something truly special that allows potential customers or buyers to see your products or spaces. Our videographers in Ogden have the ability to incorporate our video productions or photography within your custom tour. Experience one of our immersive 3D Virtual Tours today!

Real Estate

Whether you are renting or selling we have you covered with engageing video production and photography in Ogden. We provide high-quality video tours, aerial still photos or video, and the latest in 3D Virtual Tours. Our Ogden videographers can help you gain more listings, sell properties quicker, or lock down a renter with eye-popping visual content. As a buyer, there really is no better way to check out a property than from the comfort of your own home and with a truly interactive experience.

Viral Videos

Traditional commercials are slowly being replaced by what is called a “Viral” video. Viral type videos are perfect for driving traffic to your website. Right from the start of the video, we grab the attention of potential customers. We make them laugh or cry while we inform them of what you have to offer. These are the type of videos that get shared all across social media and in front of many eyes. Let’s have some fun!

Drone Video and Stills

You could try climbing on a tall ladder or attach yourself to a hot air balloon to get that perfect shot or you could hire us to get it for you. Our professional licensed drone operator has the skills and know-how to get those amazing aerial shots you have dreamed of and in the safest way possible. We have the ability to capture still images or cinematic video. Let’s capture your business or property from a new perspective.


No matter the length of your documentary we are capable of telling your story. A great documentary starts with a great story. It could be a trip across the country, a social issue, spotlighting a community hero or an amazing cause. We can help you from screenwriting, location scouting, filming, editing, and distribution. There are around 3,000 active film festivals around the world to choose from. You have a great story, let it be heard.

Short Film

We love telling emotional stories! Over the past decade, we have produced dozens of short films. Many of these films have been produced for companies wanting to promote a product or a cause in a unique and creative way. Some of our short films have been produced merely to entertain, inspire or uplift. Let us help you get your idea down on paper, then into production and distribution via film festivals and YouTube.

Music Video

Well produced music whether instrumental or accompanied by vocals deserves a well-produced music video. We will help you develop the perfect idea for your video or if you already have your vision we will help you see it come to life. Utah has an amazing backdrop, but we are also willing to travel wherever you need us. We have connections with many talented actors and performers to make any idea possible.

Special Events

Many times throughout the year special events take place. Why not document these special moments in a high-quality video. Imagine being able to share special work parties, community gatherings, or charity events with all your social media followers or friends. High-end video is a perfect tool to capture each and every exciting experience that a business, family or individual may have. Don’t let your next event be forgotten.


There are many amazing people throughout the world who are dedicated to helping others in need. Many non-profit humanitarian projects are sadly one-and-done deals or their non-profit ends soon after it began due to the lack of proper financial or volunteer support. We want to help you create awareness of your endeavors and to spread the word to as many people as possible. Our documentation of your project will bring your cause the authenticity it needs to gain traction with those seeking to help out, either financially or on location.

PSA Videos

Since RedCastle’s inception, we have been passionate about telling stories that inspire change. Our very first Public Service Announcement video, “One Decision” opened our eyes to the possibilities that a great story and a great message can make lasting change in the world. That film has been seen by an estimated 250 million people worldwide and over 20 million views on YouTube alone.  Since then we have produced similar films for many companies and organizations to help bring more awareness to important social topics.

Family History

Can you imagine what it would be like to sit down and watch your ancestors talk about the amazing experiences that they had growing up? What it was like growing up during World War II, Vietnam,  or the simple life on the farm. There are so many stories that will be lost forever if they aren’t recorded. Do you remember your parent’s first date, what their first car was, their biggest struggles, their greatest accomplishments, their beliefs, their hope for their children and grandchildren?  Let us capture these stories on film before it is too late.


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