Short films are our passion! We love telling unique and powerful stories about the challenges that life presents. These stories could be based on real life stories or complete fiction. We would love to help you get your short story produced!

How do we start?

  • Let’s first read your script and see what the possibilities are.
    • Or if you just have an idea we can write the script for you.
  • We will then hire the cast and crew.
  • Location scout.
  • Shoot the film.
  • Edit the footage into a film that 40 minutes or less.
    • (Depending on the size of the script. Over 40 minutes is considered a feature film)
  • Color correction
  • Color grading
  • Sound mixing
  • Music score
  • Finalize film
  • Send short film to film festivals


Broken Country Post Apocalyptic

Kidnapped A Child Safety Film

Zoey All Life Has Potential

Never Give Up Veteran PTSD

Pikmin Live Action Movie Trailer

Forgotten Post Apocalyptic