Drones have become a staple of video productions of all kinds. Business highlight videos, narrative short films, documentaries, real estate, and commercials all benefit from the new perspective that a drone offers. Our licensed drone has logged countless hours perfecting the cinematic movements needed for great cinematic aerial footage. He also has the ability to capture great still images when needed.

Drone footage would go great with:

  • Business highlight video
  • Short films
  • Commercials
  • Product highlight videos
  • Documentaries
  • Public service announcement videos
  • Real estate video tours
  • Humanitarian project videos
  • Music videos
  • Special event videos
  • Freelance drone operation for third-party company

How to get started

  • Let’s meet to determine how drone video and film production in Ogden can improve your video’s production value.
  • Determine if only aerial footage is needed or if on the ground video production is required as well.
  • Schedule shoot day.
  • Obtain aerial footage.
  • Deliver footage to the client or integrate it within a video and deliver to client.


Business Property Highlight

Commercial for Theater

Business Highlight Video

Commercial for Theater